with Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

Don’t sweat it

The future is hurtling towards us


We each have a task. We’re going to try to acknowledge the unfathomable. We’re going to try to embody this incomprehensible thing. We’re trying to not avoid anything anymore. We’re taking a risk. We don’t know how it’ll go, or how we’ll feel afterwards. We’re going to work through this. It’s going to be really fucking hard.


As two friends, artists and collaborators attempt to face the magnitude of the climate crisis, they invite you to do the same. Turning the performance space into a period of confrontation, we work beside each other as we come to know the pain, grief, anxiety and hope we are feeling at this time of ongoing ecological collapse. We do not have the luxury of time. We do not provide ourselves the benefits of denial. We are going in eyes wide open, feeling, afraid, but (hopefully) all the better for it.

SWEAT IT is an attempt, by two close friends, to face the unfathomable yet entirely present ecological collapse. We each have a task that involves a confrontation, with both the breadth of our fear for the crisis, and the difficulty of connecting to the science that articulates it to us most accurately.


The performance has a simple structure; Audree sits at a table and attempts to understand, internalise and process the 2018 IPCC Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C. Meanwhile, Rachel attempts to embody the emotional potency of the crisis, dancing the anxiety, grief and hope into being. It is durational. We don’t expect to succeed; it’s the attempt that gives this work its purpose.