Practice Assessment Unit 9

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Completed Cultural Politics of Performance seminar-tasks and notes

*Please also see picture in "Artist book entries"*

Evidence of practice and research presentations, and of participation in LAB sessions

Research Presentation:

Panel Presentation:


Pre-Lab research


Work and follow through with multiple projects during one time period

Several Projects:


Sweat it - First shown in Testimony Vol. 1

ASSTROLOGY - I had been meaning to start a podcast but I wanted to wait until I had all of the bits figured out. The genre, subject, aesthetic etc. Now Rachel and I have 6 episodes out and counting!

Chiron - The very beginning to a piece - collaborating w/ Jo Sutherland (trip to Edinburgh)

Wild Onion - As well as leading my own projects, have been participating in a devised piece by Orange Skies Theatre - which has been preliminarily offered a slot at Edinburgh Fringe.

Maintain emotional engagement alongside the practical “getting done”

Almost all of my work/research involves me having to interrogate myself and my emotions. Although sometimes I can get caught up in just whipping a piece out. That however doesn't satisfy me in the long run because the only reason I see for making is to be emotionally engaged and to grow from that. My emotional engagement bounced in and out as did my practical engagement. I do however believe I was able to hit a healthy balance - although could always do with more emotional healing. The nature of 'Sweat it' is to confront.

Sweat it:

Actively document my research processes and unapologetically share them online


Create a mini film/spoof fashion campaign to be accompanied with a performative viewing

Full Video:

Images from the showcase:

Present artist book entries, including evidence of critical reflection on your process and work throughout the term

Master Document for Shoot Day plans BARVE SS20 + Debrief/Reflections -

Reflection in CuPP session - Who is my audience?

Show documentation of your work and process. This can include images, notes, research into professional roles and contexts, project based research, plans etc

A file of commercial inspiration for BARVE SS20:

Example - Pretty Little Thing

Example - Boohoo

Pinterest board for BARVE SS20:

Test Shots BARVE SS20 (w/ Millie Pitcher):

At least one example of feedback from another person (e.g. a placement host or other key person)

Model - Céleste Combes in BARVE SS20

Feedback on the briefing document:

Evidence of working cleanly and safely in a workshop/studio environment

Briefing Document for all of the participants of BARVE SS20:

Safety - Warm Up/Journey

Evidence of time management. Include for example, schedules that you created and/ or those you were using as part of a project or placement. You could include plans you created for your independent study time.

Call Times for BARVE SS20:

Personal Planning (example week):

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